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From: Triforce Master Posted: 1/6/2001 10:08:55 AM
Hey my fellow Master Sword wielders!

I just got an idea...Ya know some say link can beat anybody sword to sword, or sword to hand, or sword to axe or any deadly weapon, and he can. BUT, what happens during those battles? Does his enemy have a chance to attack? Does he get beaten to a pulp but manages to get the final swing?

Lemee get to the point. I wanna know who he would fight and how he would win (or lose)!! Here I'll start a thing where first I'll say someone for link to fight, then the next person will say someone else, and so forth.

Did you get all that?

anyway, here's the first: LINK VS LARA CROFT

This woule be an easy one for our hero Link. Lara's bullets were no match for him. They bounced right off his mirror shield. He moved in closer, blocking the flying lead. He would have blasted her with his light arrows, but didn't have the time beacuse she was constantly firing away. When he was in a sword's distance away, a quick blow with the top of his shield took her down. She stood no chance. He didn't even get to use his sword. "What a waste of time" said Navi, who didn't even get to target her because the fight was so quick.


good luck!

From: Triforce Master Posted: 1/6/2001 10:24:39 AM
Okay, Okay, it doesn't have to be Sonic. How about Al Gore? I dunno. Make one up!

From: unholypally
that's easy. Link wouldn't be able to hit him with a sword. Hes too fast. He would change into a goron. And Spike him to death.

From: harvestingguy
Al Gore might have a chance because he would put himself in a locked box. Then, while Link tries to attack, Gore would talk Link to sleep. Then Gore would come out of the box and put Link in it. But Link could put on the all-night mask and just wait Gore out.
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