Remember the last time I did a Bloom County piece, and I said "To Be Continued" and confused everyone? This is what I meant. I thought I'd closed the book on lost Bloom County strips, but recently more came from another source. Apparently, several newspaper websites have quietly started running Bloom County in their comics section and didn't tell anyone, including the Seattle Times, which is where I picked up all this from. You can go look (they're into '83 now), but their archives only go back a month. They pick up one episode and dump the month-old one.

I didn't discover this until the Seattle Times was midway through 1982. They probably already ran 1981 and I missed it (aiiigh). Anyway, here's what's been revealed online in the past few months. One more problem: 1982 was compiled in "Loose Tails," the only Bloom County book I don't own. I have no way of knowing which strips I'm revealing for the first time in over twenty years and which ones I'm merely repeating. So, if you have the book and you know, drop me a line....

For those that don't remember, Sandy Duncan appeared in a lot of Wheat Thins ads.

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