Whisper is an app where the user can anonymously confess their deepest, darkest, most scandalous secrets, and read thousands of others at any time.
...Well, in theory that's how it's supposed to work, but it's very difficult to get a large mass of people to cooperate on anything, especially the teenage demographic the app is targeted at.

Finding anything good on Whisper amongst all the wordless selfies and pleas for attention can be difficult, but this site is here to make your life better in many ways, and this so happens to be one of them. Collected on the following four pages are 100 more of the funniest, cleverest, weirdest or most disturbing Whispers the app has played host to.


Hey, just taking the photo is living dangerously enough.

Isn't this every bookstore ever?

Then don't be.

Actually, I guess you're taking care of that....wait, no you're not, nobody can take your money through a screen! I don't get the point; why does this Whisper exist?

Given the horror stories coming out of Rio, this person could be walking right into one of the worst experiences of her life.

Also, every time you say "Olympics" or "Olympian" anywhere, you have to pay the International Olympic Committee $1,000. I'm mailing my check, keep your pants on.

Pooping online?

Please tell me you're in your 20s or older.

This one HAS to be from Portland, I'm sorry.

The chickens get shafted no matter what dimension it is.

Supernatural is the most mentioned TV series on Whisper by a MILE. Some longtime and weary ex-fans have wondered how long the show can possibly go on. If its presence here is any indication of its current ratings or its incredible longevity with teens, Sam and Dean are going to be demon-hunting in Depends eventually.

This is another Supernatural reference. By the way, yes, this collection WAS assembled in 2016, could you tell?

On one side, we have Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, The Wire, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Mr. Robot, The Americans, House of Cards, Fargo, Stranger Things, 10,000 other Golden Age of TV titles I can't think of right now, and of course, Rick & Morty.

On the other side, we have screaming pasty-faced manchildren.

You make no sense.

Posted before Brexit. Not even sure this is an option now.

Of course it doesn't; it can only work for one person. Nice try though.

She is very insightful for her age.

This reminds me of a story about my cousin. When he was learning to speak, instead of saying "Hello" his parents taught him to wave his hand while saying, "Hi, you." He started talking earlier than other toddlers and still looked very much like a baby.

One day he and his parents were in an elevator and some old woman was with them. She turned to my cousin and said, "Oh, look at the cute baby! Hi, baby!"

"Hi, you."

When the world is burning under President Trump, I'm blaming that potato!