Whisper is an app where the user can anonymously confess their deepest, darkest, most scandalous secrets, and read thousands of others at any time.
...Well, in theory that's how it's supposed to work, but it's very difficult to get a large mass of people to cooperate on anything, especially the teenage demographic the app is targeted at.

Finding anything good on Whisper amongst all the wordless selfies and pleas for attention can be difficult, but this site is here to make your life better in many ways, and this so happens to be one of them. Collected on the following four pages are 100 of the funniest, cleverest, weirdest or most disturbing Whispers the app has played host to.

Or too old, whichever.

This is gonna be tragic.

"Uh, like, Whisper counts as reading, right?"

I really hope these two find each other.

Our hearts weep for you.

I wish this was longer than a Whisper; there's an entire novel there.

You know what's ironic? Between the time this Whisper went up and the time this page was published, texting 911 was made possible!

By the way....a lot of choices for Whisper backgrounds are paid advertisements. The fact that the back of this is promoting a remake of "Endless Love" is unreal.


Signed, Every Photographer Ever

He's a fraud, then -- all his lyrics say the opposite.

Take THAT, bullies!